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The day-to-day operational will be the responsibilities of the Store and Assistant Manager, positions that will be held by members the ownership group.

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Now the company is betting that consumers in France or other global markets are ready to open their wallets for Oakville, Ont. Our focus includes new proprietary food platforms that transcend dayparts, coffee and food category leadership that responds to consumer demand spaces and occasions, and a focus on consumer interest in health, nutrition and wellness.

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The food and beverage prices are lower than competitors and Tim Hortons is known by consumers to produce consistent quality. In addition, the targets are forward-looking and are based on our expectations and outlook on, and shall only be effective as of, the date the targets were originally issued. Management will assess the accuracy of these estimates against the actual customer visits and traffic levels to ensure staffing levels are inline with demand and able to maintain the required high levels of service and product quality. It has regular stand alone stores along with outlets in shopping malls, highway outlets, universities and hospitals. Except as required by applicable securities laws, we do not intend to update our annual targets. Therefore, the risk of amortization and fluctuation of fixed cost are mitigated. Attridge Drive is the major roadway connecting the surrounding northeast neighborhoods to the Circle Drive freeway, city centre, and industrial areas. We have signed our first development agreements consistent with this strategy, with close to mix of standard and non-standard units over the next five years in: St. Today it has evolved into a quick service restaurant chain that offers sandwiches, bagels, muffins, juice, wraps, rolls and blended coffee. Quality and timely receiving of inventories is ensured through the franchise agreement with Tim Hortons; all Tim Hortons production facilities supplying frozen dough are approved HACCP facilities. The Franchise will be managed by its experienced owners who have 65 years of combined food industry experience and are the owners of two other non competing franchises. Tim Hortons also loans franchisees Operation Manuals that contain recipes, formulations, operating procedure, equipment maintenance guidelines, record keeping systems and general reference materials for guidance in the proper manner of operating a Tim Hortons restaurant.

Tim Hortons believes this is critical for the maintenance of high quality service and products, and ensures management remains in contact with the needs of the consumer. When a Tim Hortons customer sends mail to the company inquiring on nutritional facts, customer service is known to reply back immediately with the required answers offering better menu options to their customers.

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Tables One and Two are projections of the number of unit sales and total revenue expected throughout the week and on weekends. Tim Hortons Inc.

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It is assuming the number of transaction during a non-peak hour is 75 i. The location is such that it will not cannibalize sales from other brand outlets but will capture sales from an un-served market.

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Northeast residents have above average income and are expected to be regular customers for the new Tim Hortons. The ownership team will undergo a week corporate training program to understand the operational facets of the Tim Hortons restaurant. The St. We are energizing the Tim Hortons brand in all of our geographic markets and we are focusing on driving long-term, sustainable, profitable growth which we believe will return us to above-market total return to shareholders," said Marc Caira, president and CEO. In addition, the targets are forward-looking and are based on our expectations and outlook on, and shall only be effective as of, the date the targets were originally issued. Continuous on the job coaching will be offered to all employees on a regular basis and the store will be functioning under food government regulations. Responsibility: Preparing cash for bank deposits, cleaning machines and tools, restocking inventory for the next morning, and filling in inventory ordering forms, cleaning and talking out garbage. The direct connection to TDL is through the regional District Manager that will provide knowledge, conduct regular site visits and monitor the operation to ensure the corporate standards of product quality, value, cleanliness and customer service are met. In response to fierce competition in the industry, quick service restaurant chains have become creative in their pricing strategy, location selection, and marketing schemes. Exciting prizes ranging from cars to cash is offered to customers hence increasing sales and increases its target market. The potential increase in demand will be matched with growth in the number of part-time 22 Storefront employees as the location moves towards capacity levels.

As such, readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements contained in this news release, which speak only as to management's expectations as of the date hereof.

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