Japanese samurai writing and literature

realism in japanese literature

When he finished his studies, he returned to Milan. Dorin, Musashi's uncle, was shocked by this, and tried to beg off the duel in Musashi's name, based on his nephew's age.

Instead of killing himself, he knelt trembling and Oishi was forced to behead him. A senior general, he was awarded lordship of Kumamoto castle in Higo at the age of However, there are no exact details of Musashi's life, since Musashi's only writings are those related to strategy and technique.

The following are a few possibilities: Munisai's tomb was correct. Review the concepts of bu and bun. He frequently threw his short sword, and Kenji Tokitsu believes that shuriken methods for the wakizashi were the Niten Ichi Ryu's secret techniques.

Therefore, when you learn and practice both culture and arms, you demonstrate both intimidation and generosity, so people are friendly but also intimidated, and they will be obedient.

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